After LSU made Oklahoma look almost completely impotent last night in the Sugar Bowl, we've got our split national title. The game was far from a classic, marred by endless penalties and mistakes, but LSU was clearly the better team. Oklahoma looked lost for most of the game, with the exception of one good drive and a blocked punt. Jason White was horrible, on the whole. Admittedly, this guy is like a walking HMO at this point, but his throws were consistently off the mark. He seemed rattled by the intensity of the LSU pressure, and never found a way to cope.

If you watched both the Sugar and Rose Bowls, I'd love to hear what you thought. In my opinion, USC was clearly the best of the teams in those games, but I think and LSU/USC matchup would have been terrific, especially to see USC's receivers take on the excellent LSU secondary. Unfortunately, we'll never see it.

AuthorMark McClusky