I'm available for speaking engagements on a wide variety of topics, from the intersection of sports and technology to the future of food to analysis of the ongoing changes in the publishing industry. 

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Some of my previous speaking engagements have included:

IBM Think Leaders at SXSW

In this interview with Robert Schwartz, VP Global Digital Marketing & Engagement, IBM, I discuss my work at WIRED, my writing, and the future of the media business. 


AppNexus Publishers Summit

I talked with Michael Rubenstein of AppNexus about changes in the digital advertising market, and how publishers can cope with this dynamic time in media.




MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

At the premier sports science conference in the US, I presented a featured solo talk about my book, Faster, Higher, Stronger


Ashton Eaton at WIRED Health Conference

I conducted the keynote interview with Olympic gold medalist and decathlon world record holder Ashton Eaton. We talked about how he uses science and technology to take his performance to unprecedented levels, his background and career path, and what he sees for his future both inside and outside of the sports world.


Sloan Sports Analytics Conference 2013

I led a panel discussion with experts in sports science, engineering, marketing, and competition to examine how equipment and technology fundamentally alters the the games we play.


Magazine Publishers of America Swipe 2.0 Conference 2013

I outlined some of the strategies we used at WIRED to leverage a story we had done about software legend John McAfee when he was placed under suspicion of murder in Belize. The talk got the highest audience feedback of any session at the one-day industry conference. This video doesn't include my presentation, which lessens the impact. 

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