It's no secret from what I've been writing here that I think the BCS is deeply flawed, and needs to be ditched. But even with as much of a joke as I think it is, I was shocked to see this quote in an AP story about the system, and the AP poll:

"I want to screw up the BCS," said Scott Wolf of the Daily News in Los Angeles. "Hopefully this will force some change to the system. It exposed the shortcomings with a split championship. If LSU had been left out, I'd vote them No. 1."

Wolf is one of the voters in the AP poll of college football writers. It's the AP poll that USC will likely win, setting up the split national title.

But Wolf is just an idiot if that's why he's voting the way he is. Isn't he obligated to vote for what he considers to be the best team, and not to screw with a system he doesn't like? If I were the AP, I'd take his vote away today.

AuthorMark McClusky