Traveling on the day before Thanksgiving is only something that should only be attempted for reasons of thrift or masochism. In my case, the lure of an afforadable airfare chased me out of bed at 4:15 in the morning, with 10 hours of travel ahead of me to get to North Carolina to see my family. There's something eerily beautiful about a deserted city. Walking to the BART train that would take me to the airport, I saw only one car. It was a crisp night still in San Francisco, and the silence and the solitude were magical.

You know that you've arrived in Dallas when you see guys walking around with a nice crease ironed into their jeans, with Tony Lama's peering out from underneath. A shoe shine at DFW costs you $4, but it's $5 for a boot shine.

The weather in North Carolina over the next four days is predicted to range from 72 degrees to 29 degrees. This presented a packing problem for me, so I ended up hauling far too much stuff across the country.

I'll be catching up with my family, eating and drinking and arguing and watching sports, through the weekend. Not sure if there will be any more posts until Monday.

AuthorMark McClusky