Good AP story today about the NFL and its marketing efforts amongst Spanish-speakers. What the NFL gets is that the Hispanic population of the US is exploding, and that any league that can create fans in Spanish-speaking communities will be in a great position. Major League Soccer has refocused their marketing plan to try and reach out to Hispanic markets where a love of soccer already exists.

This raises the question: What is Major League Baseball doing? I suppose it shouldn't be surprising that they aren't marketing very effectively to Hispanics -- they aren't marketing effectively to anyone. But this is another opportunity that could slip through MLBs fingers if they don't get on the stick. There are more Spanish-speakers playing baseball than any other pro sport by a huge factor. If you can't market to Hispanics with Sammy Sosa, Albert Pujols, Ivan Rodriguez, and Pedro Martinez, you're got a problem.

AuthorMark McClusky