A big week around here. First, last Thursday, Wired won three National Magazine Awards. We won General Excellence, Design, and Magazine Section, for the front of the book Start section. Here's a quote from the judges' comment on the GenEx award:

In its 16th year, Wired continues to evolve as the most innovative and sophisticated guide to how technology is changing the world. Ranging across business, entertainment, science and culture, its mix is surprising and intuitive, articulated with graphic attitude and old-fashioned reporting. Wired is sometimes hilarious, often ironic, relentlessly smart and always engaging.

I'm just so darn proud to work here, with such amazingly talented people. And getting recognized by your peers is really gratifying.

And if that wasn't enough, the Alinea cookbook, which I wrote for, won the James Beard Foundation Award for the best book about "Cooking from a Professional Point of View." We beat out the latest from Thomas Keller and Heston Blumenthal, which is hard to imagine.

Thanks to Grant and Nick for pulling me into the project, and for making it so fun and so rewarding.

I now have to come up with something for next week.

AuthorMark McClusky
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