So, that game was a dog last night -- congrats to an utterly-dominating North Carolina team that just ran Michigan State out of the building. After five minutes, it was over. One final update on the NCAA picks I outlined at the start of the tournament. The high-risk, high-reward value method I advocated lived up to the high-risk part: it finished in just the fifth percentile nationwide in ESPN's contest.

Meanwhile, the picks based strictly on KenPom's ratings finished in the 60th percentile. Which is obviously good, but won't win you a thing in your pool.

The winning entry, by the way, missed five games total in the tournament, and had 15 of the final 16 teams correct, and was perfect after that point. Which is pretty damn good.

So, the strategy didn't work this year, but we'll do a little work in the McClusky math labs before next years tournament. Math will show us the way! I promise!

AuthorMark McClusky