Forgot to post a link here to my report on the Cross Vegas race:

Tuesday night, rumors began to swirl that Lance Armstrong, as part of his comeback to competitive cycling, would race at Cross Vegas. Having resigned myself to not racing and then feeling crummy, I suddenly decided that I had to try and race, if for no other reason than riding on the same course a couple of hours before Armstrong, not to mention a field of the best cross racers in the US. After I decided to do the race, my wife Kristen said to me, "You're smiling now," which made me realize it was the right call.

That's how I found myself in a field of 100 cycling industry folks on Wednesday night, sweat rolling down my back after my warmup laps in 90 degree heat, getting ready to ride a cross race in front of 2,000 or so spectators. (By the time the elite race started, there were nearly 10,000 fans there).

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AuthorMark McClusky