On October 29, 2008, Wired and the New York Public Library will host an event called The Cutting Edge: Tales from the Culinary Frontier.

James Beard-award winning chef Grant Achatz and sous vide guru Nathan Myhrvold will explore the ways that science and technology are transforming our notions of food. Using new tools and techniques, top chefs are creating dishes that range from the simply delicious to the otherworldly, challenging both the mind and palate. Kitchens, once the home of stoves, food processors and not much else, are becoming more like laboratories, stocked with centrifuges and canisters of liquid nitrogen.

Grant Achatz is the chef and owner of Alinea restaurant in Chicago. Nathan Myhrvold is the CEO of Intellectual Ventures and former CTO of Microsoft.

I'll be moderating the discussion, which should be terrific. I've written about both of these guys for Wired, and can't wait to get them together.

Tickets are on sale today!

AuthorMark McClusky
CategoriesFood, Wired