So, for the folks who are saying things like this, from the Washington Post:

"I hate Obama so much that I'm going to devote as much time to McCain as I did to Hillary," said Adita Blanco, a Democrat from Edward, Okla., who has never voted for a Republican. "Obama has nothing. He has no experience. The Democratic Party doesn't care about us. You couldn't treat [Clinton] any worse."

Adita Blanco, I respectfully submit that you're an idiot. You supported Clinton, and you're a Democrat, but you're going to work for McCain, who opposes abortion rights, supports increasing our oil drilling, and thinks the economy is fundamentally sound?


See, this sort of short-sighted worldview is why we lost two elections to George Bush. You don't see the Republicans involved in this sort of intra-party battle, because they're smart enough or disciplined enough to realize that a member of their party is likely a better choice for them, even if they supported someone else in the primary. I don't hear Mike Huckabee's voters acting like they're owed something for coming in second.

I thought Hillary's speech last night was terrific, and I have a lot of admiration for her. But she lost. You want to be mad at someone? Be mad at her, and the campaign she ran. This was her nomination to lose, and she lost it.

I know, I know, this is easy for me to say as 1) a man, and 2) an Obama supporter. But I have this uneasy feeling that we're about to enter the same looking glass world we were in in 2000, when a bunch of potential Democratic voters looked at Bush and Gore, decided that there wasn't much of a difference between them, and then voted for Ralph Freakin' Nader.

Think that mattered? I do. So let's not make the same mistake out of some sense of grievance. Please.

AuthorMark McClusky