After I moved here in 1999, and then my good friend Jamie from New York moved here a year later, we went from messing around with music at his apartment to forming an honest-to-goodness band. Lakeside Rebar played what we called "roots pop," and for the next few years, the four of us had a hell of a good time, whether it was rehearsing with a few Budweisers, or playing at various clubs in San Francisco. Along the way, we had spent an embarrassingly long time working on an album. One of the great things about the home recording revolution is that you have as much time as you need to get things how you want them.

The downside is that you have as much time as you need, without a clock ticking. So it took us a couple of years to finish.

And after it was done, we didn't do anything with it. Jonathan had moved to New York City, and never replaced him. So the band wasn't playing out as Rebar, and that was that.

Until today. Here is is, for the 20 or so people who might be reading this: Come & Gone, by Lakeside Rebar.

AuthorMark McClusky