If you're not reading Andy Baio's blog waxy.org, you're missing one of the most essential sites online today. Andy, who founded upcoming.org, has dedicated himself to using his blog to do original reporting (which is slightly easier to do when the economic pressure is lessened by a Yahoo! payout). Today, he's got a simply mind-blowing piece up about Infocom, the legendary maker of adventure games in the 80s. Andy has gotten a copy of Infocom's network backup drive, and has dug out the untold story of the never released sequel to Infocom's classic Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy game.

There are internal email, discussions of how to structure a second game, and even a little bit of playable code. Just astonishing. In the comments section, members of the Infocom team are reminiscing about these days, 20 years ago.

Given the amount of time I spent playing Infocom games, I'm just giddy at the chance to see this information, and in awe at the reporting and work that went into it. Amazing stuff.

AuthorMark McClusky