This week’s issue of Rolling Stone includes “Twenty interviews with the artists and leaders who helped shape our time.”

Here’s who on that list, with their ages.

Bob Dylan: 65
Jimmy Carter: 82
Paul McCartney: 64
Ringo Starr: 66
Norman Mailer: 84
Tom Wolfe: 76
Bob Weir: 59
Patti Smith: 60
Steven Speilberg: 60
Martin Scorsese: 64
Jane Fonda: 69
Jack Nicholson: 70
Bill Moyers: 72
George McGovern: 84
Stewart Brand: 68
Michael Moore: 53
Mick Jagger: 63
Keith Richards: 63
Jackson Browne: 58
Neil Young: 61

So, the youngest person on the list is 53? Average age is 67.05? Seriously?

But hey, nice vinyl cover, though.

AuthorMark McClusky