Not to turn my far too-infrequent posts here into a running blog on the Floyd Landis situation, but Martin Dugard, a well-known cycling writer and friend of Floyd has some pretty incendiary things to say today on his blog:

I'm not saying I can prove he [Floyd] was set up, but it certainly is beginning to look as if a concerted effort was made to sabotage the 2006 Tour de France by higher-ups within the UCI. They seek to elevate themselves, paying absolutely no heed to the damage they do to cycling, and all sports. That stinks.

Is it really possible that the men in charge of international competitive cycling would fake a positive drug test to make the biggest event in their sport look stupid? Sadly, it's not beyond the question. The UCI has been feuding for years with the organizers of the Tour, and if there's one thing that my experience in covering the Olympic movement has taught me, it's that many of the guys who run these international governing bodies care more about their power than their sport.

I don't know if this is true, but the fact that it's even plausible is tragic.

AuthorMark McClusky