And not in the hip-hop positive way. After a terrific ride yesterday up Alpe d'Huez, Floyd Landis, America's new cycling hope, was looking like a pretty good bet to win the Tour de France.

Unfortunately, on today's ridiculously hard stage (over 17,000 feet of climbing!), Floyd completely cracked on the final climb. He dropped 10 minutes and 4 seconds to the winner of the stage, and over eight minutes to his top rivals for the overall title.

Since revealing that he's facing a hip replacement at the end of the Tour, I've been pulling hard for Floyd -- this could be his only shot to win the biggest bike race in the world. Simply put, no one has any idea if he can compete at the highest level after a hip replacement, so this might be it. So, I'm sad for him today.

But it points out one thing -- love him or hate him, Lance Armstrong had the most important characteristic of a great Tour rider: he never seemed to have a bad day. This first post-Lance tour has shown, especially for the Americans like Floyd and Levi Leipheimer, that one bad day can end your dream of yellow.

AuthorMark McClusky