Here's a little news item for my Rhode Island native wife: Dunkin' Donuts has come up with a redesigned store and new branding, in anticipation of a big national expansion push.

Look at that swirly new thing in the coffee cup! Look at the toned down version of the classic pink and orange color scheme! Somehow, it seems just plain wrong.

One other big change -- customers will be able to get their own coffee, and doctor it up how they like it, instead of relying on regional differences in what constitutes "coffee, regular."

For you non-New Englanders out there, Dunkin' Donuts has achieved the sort of market penetration in the region that makes it seem like there's one on nearly every corner. In fact, just about every set of directions I've received in Rhode Island uses at least one Dunkin' Donuts as a waypoint.

AuthorMark McClusky