Don't get me wrong -- I'm lucky enough to have a really wonderful job that I'm enjoying the hell out of. But the next time someone is talking about how cool it must be, I think I'll point them to this photograph, taken out the window of my hotel in Los Angeles at E3 this past week. Apparently, this was the best lodging option available. I don't have a photo of the police that one of my co-workers saw riding up in an elevator before I got there, presumably to bust someone.

The show was a typical E3, with too much noise and too many people, although it did seem slightly less-horrific than last year. Of everything I saw and played, I was most impressed with Nintendo's new console, the Wii. It's motion-sensitive remote-like control was really easy to use, and there were several games that highlighted just how much fun it's going to be to play with this thing.

AuthorMark McClusky