It's been hard to cobble together enough time to sit down and write at length about Kate, who is about the best thing that's ever happened to me. When we were at the hospital and they handed her to me, I started crying as I was overcome with the realization, both liberating and a little sad, that my life and the priorities in it had completely changed in just that millisecond. Kristen is doing well, and we're settling into a little routine. Kate's healthy, and has put back on the weight she's lost after birth, which is good.

Much, much more on the baby later.

Meanwhile, my latest column at Wired News addresses the issue of golf balls. Specifically, how can we contain the distance that today's balls afford professional players?

Our best games have a geometry of their own -- 10 feet to the basket, 90 feet from the plate to first base, eight feet by eight yards for a soccer goal. As technology advances, that geometry can become distorted, and golf is a stern test for that advancement. Which will we choose: the geometry that enchants us, or the technology that awes us?

AuthorMark McClusky
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