First of all, thanks to Christian for the link over here from Cub Reporter. We've know each other a long, long time, and it's fun to be able to link to his site, which is the best team site that I know of. Now, back to the simmering steroid issue. The IAAF, the governing body of track and field, has announced that a "very low" number of urine samples from the recent World Championships have tested positive for THG. The IAAF is retesting some 400 samples from the Worlds for the genetically engineered steroid.

According to the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, the THG comes from BALCO here in the San Francisco area, which is the subject of an ongoing grand jury investigation. Four members for the Oakland Raiders have reportedly tested positive for THG.

This situation is about to get very, very ugly. Athletes who test positive for THG will be banned by the IAAF for two years. But the smoking gun here could be BALCO, and a) whether they were distributing THG, and b) how many of their clients were taking it. If they were, we could be looking at dozens of high profile athletes facing not only suspension from their sports, but criminal charges as well.

AuthorMark McClusky